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American Mensa is the official Mensa organization in the United States, recognized as a National Mensa by Mensa International. It had its beginnings in 1960 when members of the British-based Mensa organization who lived in the United States (mostly in the New York area) began to organize. By the late 1960s, North American Mensa was in operation with a small national office staffed by Margot Seitelman, and a newsletter called the North American Mensa Activities Bulletin (which later became the Mensa Bulletin). In 1967, Mensa Canada broke off and became a separate National Mensa, leaving American Mensa as the National Mensa for the USA alone.

American Mensa is divided for administrative purposes into 10 regions, which in turn contain a number of local groups. Members are assigned to their local group by zip code, but are allowed to change their membership by preference to any other group or to the "Isolated M" pseudo-region.

The governing body of American Mensa is the American Mensa Committee (AMC), with the Chairman of American Mensa presiding over it. An Annual Business Meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Gathering, at which all members who are present may participate.

The official corporate entity of American Mensa is known as American Mensa Limited (AML).

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