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New Hampshire Mensa is a chapter in Region 1 of American Mensa and covers Maine as well as New Hampshire. Their newsletter is called Momentum. Every February, they host a Regional Gathering (RG). The next RG will be February 2009 at a hotel to be announced (get a registration form here).

NH Mensa has an active schedule and regular events include Temperance League, Second Sunday Brunch Bunch, Appetite for Discussion and Central Maine Dinner.

NH Mensa Officers

  • Deb Stone - LocSec (Local Secretary)
  • John Bauman - Assistant LocSec
  • Liz Modesitt - Recording Secretary
  • Wayne Eddy - Treasurer
  • Mark Becker - Member at Large
  • Yvonne Crocker - Member at Large
  • Ann Majeske - Member at Large
  • Tom Shiel - Member at Large

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