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Nottingham Mensa is a local group within the East Midlands region of British Mensa. It is run by LocSec Maxine Bates.

Regular Events

Regular monthly events

  • 5OTM - regular pub meeting on the 5th day of each month at the Vat & Fiddle at the edge of the city centre.
  • Chicks & Flicks - a meal at Nando's followed by a film. Begun by Andy Farrell; Paul Henchliffe is now listed as host.
  • Postcode Pubcrawl - series of events visiting a different "NG" postcode area each month for a pub night, meal, or pub quiz.
  • Dance classes - a group from Nottingham Mensa go to ballroom and latin american dance classes each week. Occasional beginners classes are advertised.

Retired event

See also

  • Derby Mensa is theoretically a separate group but in practice the two groups enjoy extensive crossover.