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Dave Remine at Annual Business Meeting of 2007 American Mensa AG

Dave Remine, an American Mensan from New Jersey, has been an important figure in the politics of American and International Mensa since joining Mensa in the 1960s. He has served on the American Mensa Committee in several positions including Chairman and Treasurer. He became Chairman in 1995 after the resignation of Dick Amyx (and following the minutes-long "term" of Darlene Criss at the end of Amyx's term; Amyx had been re-elected to a second term but chose to resign both the new term and the remainder of the old one during the 1995 Annual Business Meeting). Remine went on to serve as the international chairman after his term as American chairman.

Remine has been involved in much political controversy within Mensa, and was one of the complainants in the Judy Dosse hearing, as well as being the complainant in the final Barry Levine hearing. As a member of the National Hearings Committee, he was involved in several other hearings, presiding over some (such as the first Levine hearing) as chairman of this committee.

Long rumored to be maintaining an "Enemies List" of members he opposed, he finally did release one (possibly tongue-in-cheek) by e-mail.

Preceded by:
Darlene Criss
Chairman of American Mensa
Succeeded by:
Bob Beatty