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The Creative Mischief SIG was active in American Mensa in the 1990s, and was founded and run by Mark Hutchenreuther. Its activities included posting humorous signs at AGs and RGs, such as announcements of the postponement of the Mensa retest or advertisements for Schrödinger's Cat Sitting Service. Some stunts were also performed at AGs, such as a parade in duck costumes accompanying the actual ducks at the Peabody Hotel during the 1993 AG. Plans to hold a "Spirits of St. Louis" parade dressed as ghosts at the 1995 AG hit a snag when it turned out that a Ku Klux Klan demonstration was going to be protesting in the area that weekend, so that the SIG could be mistaken for supporters; this caused a redesigning of the costumes to avoid confusion.

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