1988 Joint Annual Gathering of American Mensa and Mensa Canada

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Rendez Vous 88, the Mensa Canada/USA Joint Annual Gathering, was held in Montreal, Quebec. Chairman of the event was Robert Lemay. It lasted from July 1st through July 4th, at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. There were 1684 attendees.

This was the first joint US/Canada AG since Mensa Canada split off from American Mensa (formerly North American Mensa), which occurred at an earlier Montreal AG in 1968. There would be another joint AG in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1994.

Registration and hotel fees

Registration for the 1988 AG was $25 US or $35 CAN by 12/31/1987, $35 US or $48 CAN by 3/31/1988, $50 US or $70 CAN by 6/15/1988, $65 US or $90 CAN after. There were five meals priced from $15 to $30 US ($20 to $40 CAN). The hotel room rate was $100 CAN (single), $120 CAN (double), $130 CAN (triple).

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