1982 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 1982 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, An Alternative Gathering, was held in Trenton, New Jersey at Trenton State College. It lasted from June 25 through June 27. There were 690 attendees. Dave Remine was the AG chairman.

As the "Alternative" label indicates, this AG was an attempt to do things differently than the usual AG style. Instead of a hotel, the venue was a college, with accommodations in dorm rooms. Some regard this experiment as a failure, as this AG drew the smallest crowd in years and there were complaints about the quality of the facilities; however, as with all AGs, there are attendees who fondly remember it. Being involved with this didn't seem to harm Remine's Mensa political career, however, as he eventually became chairman of American Mensa.

Originally, this AG was going to be held in Princeton, but problems with the venue required its move to Trenton instead.

Among the problems were that the dorms were not air conditioned, and the hospitality was in an outdoor tent on uneven ground.

On the other hand, as we had the entire venue to ourselves, we were able to "liberate" the swimming pool with a late-night skinny-dip, which resulted in at least one M&M marriage (some time thereafter, not at the AG)!

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