1966 Annual Gathering of North American Mensa

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The 1966 Annual Gathering of American Mensa (actually North American Mensa at the time, since it included Canada), Patterns for Living in a Mass Society, was held in New York, New York (the last of four consecutive New York AGs) at the Biltmore Hotel (the last of three consecutive AGs at this venue). It lasted from June 17th through June 19th. There were 250 attendees. Jules B. Singer was the AG chairman.

The title, "Patterns for Living in a Mass Society", continued in a fairly dry, academic vein, though it wasn't as depressing as the preceding year's title, "Alienation and Anomie".

This gathering was notable for the political agitation coming from the Special Interest Group for Reform In Mensa (SIGRIM), which made some motions to amend the international Constitution of Mensa and reportedly got into fights at which violence was threatened, with this "feud" getting mentioned in newspaper accounts in the outside world.

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