1965 Annual Gathering of North American Mensa

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The 1965 Annual Gathering of American Mensa (actually North American Mensa at the time, since it included Canada), Alienation and Anomie, was held in New York, New York (the third of four consecutive New York AGs) at the Biltmore Hotel (the second of three consecutive AGs at this venue). It lasted from June 18th through June 20th. There were 275 attendees. Larry Farber was the AG chairman, for the second year in a row.

The title, "Alienation and Anomie", apparently indicates that the AG at this point in history was regarded as similar to the later events under the "Colloquium" label, with intellectual discussions of weighty subjects. This contrasts with more recent AGs with titles like "California Dreaming" and "The Buckeye Bonanza, A Flight of Fantasy", which put more emphasis on how enjoyable it is to attend the event. "Alienation and Anomie" sounds like something of a downer... they must not have had much of a marketing department at the time.

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