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Frey's contest-winning artwork; it appeared on the cover of many Mensa newsletters in 1996

Nikki Frey was the editor of Greater Los Angeles Area Mensa's newsletter, Lament, in the early-to-mid 1990s, winning several Mensa publications awards. In the November, 1994 issue of that newsletter, she published articles by Jason G. Brent and Jon Evans that seemed to advocate genocide of the less-mentally-gifted. Quotes from the articles included "Those people who are so mentally defective that they cannot live in society should, as soon as they are identified as defective, be humanely dispatched", and that Adolf Hitler's greatest offense was "the fact that his actions prevent a rational discussion of the creation of the master race." Evans later complained that his article had been stitched together from several different articles he wrote so that the more controversial parts were presented without their original context. Somebody leaked the articles to the outside news media, starting with the Los Angeles Times, and a big flap resulted, with many reports around the world implying that Mensa was supporting the killing off of less-intelligent people. The American Mensa National Office (then in Brooklyn, New York) received a bomb threat which shut down the office, and somebody ripped up his Mensa membership card on the air on the Rush Limbaugh radio show, among other incidents. Frey was accused of fanning the flames of this controversy for the manner in which she dealt with the news media as it unfolded, and she was ultimately convinced to resign as editor at a meeting of the GLAAM ExComm.

In 1996, Frey's artwork was selected as the winner of a contest to design a cover to be run on many different Mensa publications simultaneously in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mensa's founding in England.

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