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Hellenic Mensa, or "Mensa Greece" was founded in 1986 and today has around 550 members

Mensa in Greece

From the 1988 Mensa IBD meeting that took place in Athens

Mensa Greece, usually called "Hellenic Mensa", has its office in the Athens area. Hellenic Mensa has a board of 7 voluntary directors each of whom is elected for a two year term. Mensa Greece hosted the 1988 IBD Mensa meeting in Athens.

Chairmen of Hellenic Mensa

  1. Theodoros Natsinas (1986-1988)
  2. Nikos Anagnostatos (1989-1991)
  3. Andreas Halkiadakis (1992-1993)
  4. Nikos Patakias (1994)
  5. Mark Alafouzos (1995-1998)
  6. Ioannis Jenos (1999-2000)
  7. Giorgos Kleitsas (2001-2002)
  8. Ioannis Jenos (2003-2008)
  9. Christos Apostolidis (2009-2012)


Individual annual membership costs €40 (€20 for Students). The membership package includes a bimonthly magazine called Hellenic Mensa Magazine, in Greek language:


In Greece there is no tradition of IQ-scoring for school or university admission purposes. Thus taking the Mensa IQ Test is the usual way to become a member.

Regular Events

There are some S.I.G. and nationwide events of Hellenic Mensa. In Athens there are meet-ups every month and in Thessaloniki almost at monthly intervals. Furthermore there is one annual gathering.

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