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A number of events, lectures and parties surrounding the "Mitgliederversammlung" (formal general assembly, MV) form the "Jahrestreffen" of Mensa Germany. The "Jahrestreffen" (JT) is Mensa Germany's main annual event.


  • Daytime events: All kinds of fun or interesting activities, e.g. visiting different scientific and technologic enterprises, sightseeing, cultural program, sports activities.
  • Forum Mensanum: Lectures and workshops by fellow Mensans.
  • Mind-Symposium: Talks and lectures centered around a broad scientific topic, held by well-respected speakers from industry and research.
  • Evening events: Highlight of each day is the evening program. Hundreds of Mensans meet in different pubs/restaurants to discuss, exchange and have fun.
  • Mitgliederversammlung: General assembly (duration something in between 2 hrs and 6 hrs, only for members of Mensa Germany)


A typical timeline for a German JT would be:

  • Wednesday: too-early-comer-evening
  • Thursday: events during the day, early-comer-evening
  • Friday: events during the day, MIND-Symposium, icebreaker in the evening
  • Saturday: MV (general assembly), some events, gala dinner and alternative dinner in the evening
  • Sunday: some events, farewell brunch

The JT is held each year on a weekend in April.


The next JTs will be held in:

  • 2012 Dresden,
  • 2013 Muenster

The likely candidate für the JT 2014 is Freiburg (Breisgau).

The last couple of years these cities played host to the JT:

  • 2011 Passau
  • 2010 Dortmund
  • 2009 Munich
  • 2008 Hamburg
  • 2007 Frankfurt


In 2011, about 600 Mensans, from Germany and neighbouring countries, and their family/friends attended the JT.