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Issue of InterLink from 2011

InterLink was an electronically-published newsletter of American Mensa devoted to internal matters within Mensa such as the operations of local groups and their dealings with Mensa at the national level. It was the successor to InterLoc, a former paper newsletter which served this function from 1967 to 2008 as a standalone publication, and from 2008 to 2010 as a section of the Mensa Bulletin.

The intent in moving to an all-electronic publication was to cater to modern "communication trends in an age of social media", and provide a publication including links to other online resources in the American Mensa site. Cost-cutting by eliminating printing and postage expenses for InterLoc may also have played a role in the decision.

Some critics have derided InterLink as being too much of a "cheerleader" for the Mensa establishment, unlike at least some versions of InterLoc (which varied a lot depending on who was the editor) which had more vigorous commentary including dissenting voices on controversial matters of internal politics.[1]

Eventually, InterLink too was discontinued, with Mensa Leader its apparent closest successor; that is an e-zine emanating from the national office with unsigned pieces with a strong house-organ style. Mensans need to go to online forums these days to get anything approaching the open communication style that used to be present in InterLoc.

Notes and references

  1. For instance, De Freshwater wrote in M-Pol that "InterLink is a cheerleader for Mensa, it's not what InterLoc was designed to be." (Message #83309, requires list membership for access)

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