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Ed Loach is a British Mensan who has held several positions on the national, regional, and local levels. He is an IT developer working for Oxford and London based IT support company Protronics, and has been programming full time, quite often for Sage products such as Sage 200 and Sage Line 100, since 1991. His role includes an element of Sage support and other IT support.

Ed joined Mensa in 1988 when he then lived in Wolverhampton, and the first event he attended was the Manchester weekend in 1989. He attended a couple more weekends in 1989/90 but then did nothing until the 50th anniversary celebrations in 1996 when he attended The Big One and The Golden and had such a good time he thought he'd go to more events.

Ed became the local secretary for the Black Country area in late 1996, and remained the local secretary until moving to Clacton in 2000. He became the local secretary for the Tendring peninsula (and briefly also for Colchester) in early 2000 and became the Regional Officer for East Anglia in October of that year, a post he still holds.

Ed was also elected to the Procedures Body at the Nottingham AGM in 2006, and became the Procedures Body chairman in 2008.