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David Francis Mann was a well-known and widely respected member of North Alabama Mensa (the Huntsville chapter, also known as NorbaMensa).

Mann joined Mensa in 1977. He served many terms as RVC for Region 5. He also served a term as Second Vice Chairman (elected 1993). He was a very popular presenter at LDWs. He was also a private pilot, and flew a private plane in order to visit local Mensa groups and attend gatherings. Mann was credited with originating the concept of the hugging contest at Mensa gatherings when he claimed an "old Mensa tradition" of hugging at gatherings in order to help a shy member break the ice. This began what eventually did become a Mensa tradition.

David was a masterful storyteller, and an expert on explaining all things southern--although not necessarily 100% factually. Anyone who heard David do a presentation on the history of grits--including how grits grow on grits bushes--is likely to smile every time he or she sees a bowl of the prepared southern specialty.

A genuine "rocket scientist", Mann worked for NASA as an engineer.

Many Mensans grieved his untimely death at the 2000 AG. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, July 9, 2000, David suffered a massive heart attack. Paramedics rushed him to the hospital, but he could not be revived.

He was buried wearing his trademark tuxedo, in his hometown of New Hope, Alabama. He was survived by his wife, Linda.

The David Mann Scholarship was established in his memory. In just its first few hours of existence, over $4,500 was contributed to the fund.

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