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Each year the British Mensa Annual Gathering (sometimes known as BMAG) is run by volunteers and typically attracts 300 members for a long weekend of social events and sightseeing. It varies from the AGs of some other Mensa groups in that it usually features organised tours to cultural and historic attractions. The regular format is to use a hotel as the weekend base, at which most people stay, and which hosts events such as lectures and workshops.

AG Regular Features

  • Icebreaker on Friday night
  • Saturday morning AGM of British Mensa Ltd
  • Saturday night dinner(s)
  • SIGs Room
  • Mensa Awards ceremony

Meanwhile, there will be a full programme of tours and visits to historic places or other attractions nearby in the daytime.

Each year any member may submit a bid to host the AG in two years' time. The bids are viewed by the committee of Regional Officers and a winner selected. Their recommendation formally goes to the Board of British Mensa, though they always adopt it.

Previous Annual Gatherings

Including the location and lead organiser.

Planned future Annual Gatherings

  • 2015 - Glasgow
  • 2016 - London