Acts inimical to Mensa

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Acts inimical to Mensa are the sorts of acts which can result in sanctions against a member, according to the Constitution of Mensa, which provides in section III E 1, "Sanctions may be imposed by a national Mensa on any of its members who commits an act inimical to Mensa, provided that a fair and impartial hearing has been made available."

Some particular things have been defined as "acts inimical" in the Constitution, in the bylaws of national Mensas, and in other documents and enactments such as ASIEs (Actions Still In Effect) of a national governing body (such as the American Mensa Committee). However, the definition is generally considered to be open-ended in that other acts not specifically mentioned in any of these places might still be construed as "acts inimical" at the discretion of a hearings committee.

Things that have in the past been regarded as "acts inimical" have included:

  • Taking legal action through an outside authority against a Mensa organization or officer without first going through all possible internal redress
  • Committing "calumny" against a Mensa officer, volunteer, or staff member
  • Appropriating or abusing property of Mensa, including intellectual property