2018 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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he 2018 Annual Gathering of American Mensa was held in Indianapolis. This was the second location to be chosen under new rules whereby the AG site is chosen nationally before a local committee is put together (instead of the local committee forming and making a proposal to be approved by the AMC as in the past).

The Annual Business Meeting was uneventful, with no proposals brought forward. Some scrounging of attendees was needed to scrape up a quorum for approving the previous meeting's minutes, and the quorum had dissipated by the end of the meeting making it impossible to bring any other motions (even if any had been contemplated) other than to adjourn, so the only content of the meeting was the routine officer's reports.

Registration and hotel fees

Registration for the 2018 AG was $199 for members and $239 for others by 2/28/2018. The hotel room rates were $134 - $154.

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Annual Gathering of American Mensa
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