2001 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 2001 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, 2001: The Annual Gathering / Launching the Mensa-lennium, was held in Dallas, Texas at the Hotel Intercontinental. It lasted from July 3rd through July 8th. Carol Hilson and Roger Durham were the AG chairmen. The attendance was 1300.

The hotel was in the northern outskirts of Dallas, part of the ring of development along the freeway. It wasn't within walking distance of very much of interest, a situation that sometimes is actually beneficial to AGs because it encourages attendees to stay within the hotel and hang out in hospitality, the games room, and so on, rather than going out and exploring as they tend to do in places like the Las Vegas strip.

From the roof of the hotel on July 4th, you could see many fireworks displays in all directions.

Registration and hotel fees

Registration for the 2001 AG was $65 by 4/31/2001, $75 by 6/30/2001, $85 after. Kids 5 and under free; 6-12 half price; 13-20 $10 discount. There were three meals, sold separately at rates from $18.50 to $32.50. The hotel room rate was $103.

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