1970 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 1970 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, The Uses of Intelligence in the Age of Aquarius, was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Holiday Inn. It lasted from June 19th through June 21st. There were 275 attendees. L. Martin Miller and Art Gardner were the AG chairmen.

The title was rather interesting. It still had a bit of a "colloquium-ish" flavor, as with some of the AGs of the mid-'60s, but now it was tinged with an attempt to sound "with it" for the late '60s (in 1970... well, it can take some time for Mensa to react to trends). Those Mensans who think astrology is bunk may have taken umbrage at the "Age of Aquarius" reference; this may include Isaac Asimov, who, when he quit Mensa, noted the prevalence of pseudoscience that people of Mensa-level intelligence ought not (in his opinion) believe in.

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