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Spirit of Mensa was a limited edition whisky produced for Scottish Mensa as part of the Mensa's Diamond 60th anniversary celebrations.

The whisky was a single-cask, single malt whisky from the Longmorn distillery in Speyside. The whisky was aged for 15 years then bottled at cask strength of 54.2% ABV in 35cl individually-numbered bottles with hand-dipped wax seals. Scottish Mensa member David Stobo chose the whisky and arranged for whisky merchants Woodwinters to source the cask, provide the labeling and handle the sales, while the British Mensa office handled the publicity.

Bottles #1 - #6 were kept by the British Mensa office, and it is thought they were drunk, while #60 was used as a competition prize. The product was launched for the Diamond year, so the launch took place at the Scottish Mensa Annual Gathering in late 2005 in Glasgow. Many of the bottles were bought by people who opened and consumed them (since it is a very nice whisky!), so it is thought that very few remain intact and there is some speculation as to their increasing value as a collectable. To date none have come onto the market for resale.