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The Scottish Mensa Annual Gathering takes place in a different location in Scotland each year, generally taking place over the English bank holiday at the end of August. SMAG attracts an international audience, may typically entertain around a hundred guests, and often has a theme.

The 2007 event based in Aberdeen features a swim in an art deco open air lido, a visit to Crathes Castle, a walk on local hill Benachie, as well as the regular features of a whisky tasting, icebreaker night, ceilidh dancing, and a smart dinner. Also featured are events giving an insight into the workings of the offshore oil industry, for which Aberdeen is the main base. These include a visit to an offshore supply vessel and a trip on a specialist lifeboat.

SMAG locations

  • 2007 - Aberdeen
  • 2006 - Peebles
  • 2005 - Glasgow
  • 2004 - Falkirk
  • 2003 - Perth
  • 2002 - Dunfermline
  • 2001 - Elgin
  • 2000 - Stirling?
  • 1999 - ?
  • 1998 - Ayr?
  • 1997 - Edinburgh (combined with Annual Gathering of British Mensa)
  • 1996 - ?
  • 1995 - ?