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Scottish Mensa is a region of British Mensa, currently managed by Regional Officer Rowena Love.

Former Regional Officer:


The regional newsletter of Scottish Mensa is edited by Jim Graley and Archie McLellan.


Each year Scottish Mensa holds a weekend gathering titled SMAG in a different city and usually with a theme. SMAG 2007 will be in Aberdeen, organised by Alan Giles and Erica Hollis.

SMC Controversy

In the 1990s a system of regional devolution was attempted by Local Groups Officer Dave Lally under which some aspects of Scottish Mensa were run by a Scottish Mensa Committee, in some ways similar to Irish Mensa. This system was criticised by some members as encouraging bureaucracy and attracting people intent upon self promotion, and was abandoned in favour of the normal British Mensa regional structure.

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Scottish Mensa web site