San Diego Mensa

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San Diego Mensa is a local chapter of American Mensa.

In the late 1980s, there was some infighting in this group centering around Lendon Best, who held various positions in that group and was accused of unfairly dominating it by critics, which included then-RVC Robert Tutelman. This led to regional hearings against Best, which were decided in favor of the complainants on many of the charges, and caused Best to be barred from involvement in the chapter, though he was not otherwise sanctioned in Mensa. In the wake of this conflict and hearing, there was a schism in the group, where a number of members who supported Best founded a separate group unaffiliated with Mensa, called the Camelopard Society (also known as the "Giraffes"), which published a newsletter and held local events. For several years this was in direct competition with San Diego Mensa.