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Rose Lee Crutcher is a long-time active American Mensan. She has extensive professional expertise in the travel and hospitality industries. She has put that to use for Mensa by being in charge of the hotel negotiation for a large number of gatherings.

Her reputation is that of: Miracle Worker for getting deals and concessions from major properties that would impress even William Shatner (Spokesmodel for

She served in the role of hotel liaison for the 2007 Birmingham AG until the controversial change of management for that event, and spoke at the AMC meeting during the AG to protest how she was treated by the national officers who bypassed her in taking over the hotel negotiations.

In 1981, she chaired the Louisville AG. She has also served as a national representative of American Mensa on the International Board of Directors of Mensa International.

In 1986, while a Regional Vice Chairman on the American Mensa Committee, Crutcher was one of several prominent Mensans calling for action to be taken against Lynne Parcells, then a newsletter editor in her region, for publishing white-supremacist material (which she was actually doing to call attention to its hatefulness, not to promote it, but this was widely misunderstood and offended some people). In Crutcher's viewpoint, it was "a matter of good taste, not censorship."[1] Ralph Rudolph supported Parcells and opposed Crutcher in this matter.

Notes and references

  1. Letter from Rose Lee Crutcher to the AMC, April 7, 1986; included as page 29 of packet of papers on "NOVA affair" distributed by Parcells

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