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Robert Moore "Bob" Strippy (nicknamed "Robert the Rotten") is an American Mensan who is imprisoned in what many believe to be a miscarriage of justice. Strippy is a professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania holding doctorates of music from the Universities of Paris and Rome, a former instructor at the University of Virginia, and a former speechwriter for President Eisenhower. In Mensa, he has been the newsletter editor for Thomas Jefferson Mensa, a chapter in Virginia.

In the incident which led to his imprisonment, Strippy got into a struggle with a man at a highway overlook in Virginia, during which a gun was fired and injured the other man. The man, who had a prior criminal record, claimed that Strippy was soliciting him for sexual activity and shot him when he refused; Strippy claims he has never been homosexual and was assaulted with a club by the man and only pulled out the gun to defend himself (and that he didn't pull the trigger; it fired by accident when the two men were struggling for it).

At Strippy's trial, he was represented by a public defender, and various evidence which backed Strippy's side of the story was not presented, including the fact that the other man was intoxicated at the time, and that Strippy had bruises indicative of being beaten with a club. Strippy was sentenced to 10 years in prison, which he is currently serving at Powhatan Correctional Center.

Strippy had been attempting to get his conviction overturned; various Mensans have assisted him in this struggle.

Robert Strippy was no longer in prison as of 2011.

Robert Strippy died on 31 Jan, 2018 in Richmond, Virginia.

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