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In addition to the Mensa Magazine, British Mensa sends most members a regional newsletter each month. These are normally included in the Mensa Magazine mailing and are a black and white printed A5 format newsletter of 8 pages.

  • CENTRAL - The Messenger
  • EAST ANGLIA - Eaglet
  • EAST MIDLANDS - Empress
  • IRELAND - Impress
  • LONDON - London Mensa News
  • NORTH EAST - Spotlight Nor’East
  • NORTH WEST - Now
  • SCOTLAND - Bagpipe
  • SOUTH EAST - Semantics
  • SOUTH WEST - Scrumpy
  • WEST MIDLANDS Spaghetti

The exception to this system is the Channel Islands which is considerably smaller in population than the other regions. Their newsletter Thinks! is four colour pages in A4 format, and is printed in-house at the British Mensa Office and sent to members on a quarterly basis. It is produced using equipment for the production of SIG newsletters.

The newsletters are all edited by volunteers. Some prosper and have agitated for an increase in size to avoid the severe limitations of 8 A5 pages, while others struggle and need to fill their pages with internet humour.