Reasons to attend the 2006 Canadian AG

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If you know anything about St. John's, Newfoundland already, you probably already have more than enough reasons to attend. For the rest of you, I present this list!

- Not ridiculously hot

- Not humid


- Dinner/Dance included in the low registration fees

- Every speaker is being hand picked as "interesting" and "entertaining... we're not doing the "anyone who wants to speak.." thing. Quality over quantity, babay!

- On that note.. muahaha! We have some *amazing* speakers already!

- The WG may have Mickey Mouse, but we have Icebergs!

- The great parties. A traditional "kitchen party"/ screech in ceremony. (For the ladies: The guy doing the screech in is *exceptionally* easy on the eyes!)

- The great FOOD! I just finished picking out the catering menu for the kitchen party. Amoung some staples, we'll have cod nuggets, battered scallops, lobster bruschetta, chicken savoury packets, caribou meatballs in red wine sauce, and wild rabbit puffs. MMMMmmm

- If you're a photographer, you should know that Newfoundland is the most beautiful place in the whole world.

- If you're a hiker, you should know that the *best* hiking is within easy reach of the host hotel... and not only is it gorgeous, but comes with pristene clean air, cool temps, and Newfoundland DOES NOT HAVE ANY SNAKES OR SKUNKS. No unpleasant surprises on your hiking!

- If you love food (heh!) .. NF has something for everyone. Cod Tongues, Seal Flipper Pie, Partridgeberry Cheesecake, Bakeapple Jam, Moose Stew, Caribou Steaks, Salmon Ravioli.... For those with an adventurous palate, Newfoundland cuisine is a dream come true. For the less adventurous, it is also a wonderful place to get great seafood, fairly decent steaks, and the best hospitality you've ever experienced!

- Newfoundland has next to no crime rate. The police only started carrying guns a few years ago, barely use em, there's next to no murder, and the BIG crime problem last year was Teenagers Stealing CHEESE from grocery stores, to resell to pizza shops. I'm not kidding.

- You can go on the "Pervert's Run" tour, of Conception Bay South. This will include stops in the towns of Dildo (and you can get your pic taken with Captain Dildo), Spread Eagle, and Come By Chance. (These towns were named hundreds of years ago, btw)

- The entertainment. Got some great local talent signing up to play at the dinner/dance, and the kitchen party. Newfoundland Traditional/Irish, and some more contemporary cover songs to really get you on your feet!

- The BIG SURPRISE we're working on, which will be a first for any North American AG, at the very least. Very Big news, and may result in the mother of all AG souvenirs, too!

- The Pre-AG trip to France! Every AG seems to have pre-AG activities. Well.. one of ours is a day trip to the French island of St Pierre and Michelon, located just a short ferry ride off the coast of Newfoundland. Rum running (I'm kidding) and french pastries (no kidding) before the AG, anyone? (Bring a Passport for this)