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ProxyQuest is the name given by American Mensa to the campaign to amend its certificate of incorporation to remedy an error made when it was originally incorporated in the early 1970s. The provisions as originally stated did not allow for mail balloting except through proxies at the Annual Business Meeting, and required a quorum consisting of a majority of all members for any vote. This meant that elections conducted over the subsequent 30 years by mail, and matters passed by the members at Annual Business Meetings at which considerably fewer than half of the members were present, were all technically invalid. To remedy this, a motion to amend the certificate to permit mail balloting and allow 100 members to be considered a quorum was proposed, and was passed at the 2004 Annual Gathering of American Mensa in Las Vegas. Aggressive solicitation of proxies, by a variety of methods including paper mail and the Web, was used to gain votes of a majority of members.

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