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The Postcard Pals SIG is a USA based SIG with an international membership. The SIG began in Boston, MA, USA in November 2005 and the first issue of the newsletter was issued in December 2005. Almost every member receives the newsletter by email. Issues include new member info, updates on SIG activities and a current roster of members. There is also an affiliated Yahoo Mailing List open only to Members.

The main goal of the SIG is to have postcard penpal relationships with Mensans around the world. Members have the opportunity to host informal gatherings in their hometowns. The first SIG gathering was held in Boston from August 1-7, 2006 and activities included seeing Taming of the Shrew on the Boston Common, a brunch with local Mensans and touring the sites in Salem. Possible gatherings in the future include an Easter time gathering in the southeast section of England and a hot air balloon gathering in New Mexico in 2008. Members open up their home and/or utilize local chapter SIGHT services to SIG members. Think of it as a cross between having out of town friends and an unstructured mini RG! Another activity is an annual postcard contest. For the calendar year, a member gets to make the rules for the contest. At the end of the year, that member tallies the entries and crowns the new winner. That new winner gets to set the rules for the contest for the following year. And so it goes on and on and on...

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