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British Mensa required ten members to sign to say they want to form a SIG. A styrofoam plate was passed around a Mensan party and Party SIG was born.

Party SIG is one of British Mensa's largest Special Interest Groups, having around 400 members. It was created in 1995 by Andy Farrell (who is the current SIG Secretary) and is aimed at the social core of members who regularly attend Mensa weekend gatherings, house parties, and other social events. For much of its history, Peter Baimbridge was SIG Secretary.

Party SIG newsletter

The SIG issues a monthly newsletter to inform members about forthcoming events, and including articles on past events and on SIG members. For most of its life the newsletter was A5 format and contained around 40 pages with a distinctive orange cover or masthead, and included features include Centrefold (which spotlighted a member each month) and On The Spot (in which a member was nominated to write a column on something (anything), and got to nominate the victim for next month).

In early 2007 the newsletter was shifted to an A4 format in full colour, with 4 pages. This was done partly to reduce the workload on the volunteer editors, partly in recognition that we have less material to feature these days, and also with thought for the environmental impact and cost of sending out so many paper newsletters.

The current officers of the SIG are keen to offer individual members a choice in delivery format for their newsletter - paper or electronic. At present British Mensa is unable to accommodate this.

The current editor is Sandra MacEachen.

Past editors

Regular events

For a decade the SIG has been associated with the Mensa at Oasis weekends. The SIG has also promoted Midsummer Madness events on various occasions.

The SIG's website is currently maintained by David H Bolton. Previously it was run by Ed Loach.

Party SIG people

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