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Pam Donahoo has been American Mensa's Executive Director since 1997, as a non-Mensan paid staffer. In this role, she manages the American Mensa National Office, and is the direct supervisor of its employees.

Prior to that she worked for a variety of associations including the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (Used Car Dealers), Associated Locksmiths and the International Furnishings and Design Association. Yes, there is an association for everything.

She grew up in the business, her Mom was, and still is an Association Executive. During and after college, she worked for Holiday Inn and Radisson Hotels.

Professionally active in the American Society of Association Executives, (ASAE). A "Fellow" of ASAE and active member for nearly 20 years. Has served four years on the ASAE national board of directors. As Vice Chair, was part of the decision to reduce the board from 38 members to 18. Being a certified Association Executive means passing a big long test and participating in continuing education about the Association profession. 北京自动门 房产纠纷 电缆桥架 电脑回收 有机玻璃制品 陪练 会员卡 机打发票 包装公司 北京货架 礼品盒 再生塑料颗粒机 工商注册 小升初 代开发票 Dell服务器 北京物流 北京家具公司 电缆桥架 碎纸机 贵宾卡 展览公司 不干胶 北京装修公司 展柜 IBM服务器 代开发票 [1] 圣诞树 亚克力 劳保用品 电抗器 五粮液酒 房产律师 北京搬家 kvm Lives in a suburb of Fort Worth with husband, mother and two daughters. One daughter is in college, the other in High School.

In spare time serves as President for the High School Band Booster club. Yes, "Friday Night Lights" is reality in Texas.

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