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Mpedia is an independent site that is not created, maintained, owned, or endorsed by any official Mensa organization. All viewpoints expressed in this site are those of the individual authors who wrote them, not those of Mensa, which has no opinions. Any mention or use of the trademarked name and logo of Mensa, or any other trademarked or copyrighted work, is done for the purpose of journalistic and encyclopedic commentary regarding the organizations referred to by these names and logos, and is thus believed by the authors to be fair use under the law; no endorsement or affiliation of this site with Mensa or any other organization, company, or person should be inferred.

Since this is a wiki, permitting users to edit it freely, no guarantees are made regarding the accuracy or reliability of any content.

By editing this site, you agree that all content you contribute is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. Thus, it may be reused, with appropriate credit, in other sites and publications. You also agree that, to the best of your knowledge, nothing you contribute infringes on the rights of other persons, such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, privacy, or defamation.