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East Midlands Mensa's 2008 Regional Gathering takes place from 23-26 May (ie the Whitsun bank holiday weekend) in the "new city" of Milton Keynes and is organised by Maxine Bates and Jo Sidebottom.

The gathering has a "travel and transport" theme and includes a number of action-adventure activities like indoor skydiving, microlighting, tobogganing, wakeboarding, powerboating, and an aerial assault course. It also explores the history and culture of the area, with a talk from the city planners who designed this post-war new city which is like nowhere else in Britain, guided walks and historic pub crawls, and a tour of wartime codebreaking HQ Bletchley Park.

Jo's local knowledge and Maxine's event planning background have been used to full effect so both the event and room prices are good value. For example, the gala dinner costs £26 and the bedroom sharer rate is £35 inc English breakfast and pool/leisure club.

Full information and booking documents will be on the East Midlands Mensa website by the end of 2007.

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