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Mensa International is the global entity of Mensa, descended from the original club that was founded in England in 1946. A constitutional reform in 1981 resulted in the structure now in use, with some minor modifications due to a constitution rewrite approved in 2005. In a technically legalistic sense, there are two distinct entities: Mensa International Ltd., a corporation chartered in the United Kingdom governed by its articles of corporation and having the members of the International Board of Directors (IBD) as its sole members, and the Executive Committee as its board of directors; and an unincorporated association named Mensa which is governed by the Constitution of Mensa and has as its members the various national Mensa associations and Direct international members who live in countries without a national Mensa. The corporate entity Mensa International Ltd. (MIL) holds the assets of Mensa International, but the IBD elections are conducted by the unincorporated association. Proposals to change this confusing structure are sometimes made, but none has gone forward to this date.

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