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Mensa Germany, or Mensa in Deutschland ("MinD"), was founded in 1979 and has over 6.000 members (= 3rd largest national Mensa group worldwide), runs various local groups and a number of gatherings.

Mensa in Deutschland e.V.

Mensa Germany, usually called "MinD", has its office in the Munich area and is run by Cirsten Novellino. MinD has a board of five voluntary directors each of whom is elected for a two year term. The current chairman is Hermann Meier. The other members are Sabine Bremer, Wolfgang Roth, Christine Warlies and Martin Weiß.


Individual annual membership costs €44. The membership package includes a bimonthly magazine called MinD-Magazin - better known as Mind-Mag - and a regional newsletter, in German language: Ortsblatt. Chief editor of the Mind-Mag is Oliver Kruse.


Mensa Germany is subdivided into several regions, each led by a LocSec (= Local Secretary). Larger regions have usually an own Ortsblatt which reports mainly about local activities but most offer also national and international news.


In Germany a total of 16 Ortsblätter (= regional newsletters) are published. Each has a unique character and is run by an Eddi (= editor) or an Eddi-team. Many Ortsblätter are magazines rather than newsletters. Eddi-Coordinator is Baki Sinanoglu.

  • Augusta for Augsburg and the surrounding area
  • BreMensie for Bremen and the surrounding area
  • Fragment for Frankfurt and the surrounding area
  • Hamlet for Hamburg and the surrounding area
  • MeDUSa for Dusseldorf and the surrounding area
  • Mensana for Munich and the surrounding area
  • MeNü for Nuremberg and the surrounding area
  • Milljöh for Berlin and the surrounding area
  • MinSH for Schleswig-Holstein
  • MiR for the Ruhrgebiet (area of Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg)
  • Muh-Q for Hanover and the surrounding area

Regular Events

There are many regional and nationwide events of Mensa Germany. In all major cities there are meet-ups every month. Furthermore there are a couple of annual gatherings.

  • Mitgliederversammlung and Jahrestagung - Mitgliederversammlung (MV) is the official annual gathering where the members discuss and decide about important issues concerning MinD. Jahrestagung (JT) is the programme for fun around. They take place in a different city every April. In 2008 MV and JT will be held in Hamburg.
  • Silvesterfeier - New Year´s Eve is celebrated in a different city every year.
  • Berliner Sommerfest - Each August more than 100 members meet in the German capital to have a good time together.
  • Fifth Friday in February - The rarest event is the FFF which takes place only each 28 years. In 2008 it will be celebrated in Weimar and the surrounding area.

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