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Mensa Cymru is the regional group of British Mensa for Wales.

('Cymru' is Welsh for 'Wales'. It is pronounced 'Cum-ree'.)

The regional newsletter is titled Bwrdd (pron. 'Boo-rthe' mix 'poor' with the back end of 'soothe') and is edited by Gareth Jones, who is also the Regional Officer.

Mensa Cymru isn't a particularly active region, quite possibly because of the poor transport infrastructure. The main concentration of members can be found in South Wales. The most active area is Cardiff who hold a well attended regular monthly meeting. Swansea also have regular activities and meetings.

The Portmeirion Weekend is a very well attended event held in the italianate village of Portmeirion in Gwynedd in North Wales but has no direct connection with the Welsh Region.

Cymrig is a SIG celebrating all things Welsh but this too has no direct connection with the Welsh Region.