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Mensa Bulletin #480, Nov/Dec 2004. This "tattooed lady" cover engendered some subsequent controversy in the Bulletin letters column.

The Mensa Bulletin is the official magazine of American Mensa, published since the 1960s (when it was begun as the "American Mensa Activities Bulletin", a supplement to the international Mensa publication of the time to give information about local activities in the fledgling American branch). It is currently a slick, colorful magazine. The editor was originally a volunteer Mensan, then later a Mensan working under contract, part-time, for a stipend, but is currently a non-Mensan paid staffer in the national office, reporting to the Executive Director. The switch from a Mensan editor to a non-Mensan staffer was done quickly by the American Mensa Committee following the unexpected death of the last Mensan editor, Marjorie Mandelblatt, and led to some political controversy.