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M-Pol is an unofficial discussion list hosted on Yahoo Groups, where issues of Mensa politics are discussed. It was founded by Sander Rubin, and tends to a somewhat more anti-establishment tone than the other major Mensa political list, M-Grapevine. However, some of the same people are active on both lists and sometimes cross-post their messages to both of them.

There is supposedly a rule that only current Mensans are allowed to post to the list, while others can "lurk" and read it. An exception was made to allow Barry Levine to post despite his expulsion from Mensa (and some others quit the list in protest of his being allowed), but subsequently the rule was not enforced on several others who resigned or lapsed from Mensa of their own accord but continued posting to M-Pol.

Acronyms and initialisms

Sometimes newbies (and even old-timers) can get confused by some of the abbreviations that get used in commentary on M-Pol. Here is a glossary of a few of them.

  • EMWTK: Enquiring Minds Want To Know
  • HWNIWNM: He Whose Name I Will Not Mention (used to refer to Dave Remine; other variations like HWNWDNM exist; some seem to regard him like Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, as somebody whose real name has too much power to be said straightforwardly.)
  • IMV: In My View
  • INAAY: It's Not All About You
  • ISTR: I Seem To Recall
  • KtLoT: Know the Limits of Things
  • SNCA: Stuff Nobody Cares About
  • THOTS: The Hero Of The Stupid: another "endearing" nickname for Dave Remine
  • TPTB: The Powers That Be