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M-Pol is an unofficial discussion list hosted on Yahoo Groups, where issues of Mensa politics are discussed. It was founded by Sander Rubin, and tends to a somewhat more anti-establishment tone than the other major Mensa political list, M-Grapevine. However, some of the same people are active on both lists and sometimes cross-post their messages to both of them.

Acronyms and initialisms

Sometimes newbies (and even old-timers) can get confused by some of the abbreviations that get used in commentary on M-Pol. Here is a glossary of a few of them.

  • EMWTK: Enquiring Minds Want To Know
  • HWNIWNM: He Whose Name I Will Not Mention (used to refer to Dave Remine; other variations like HWNWDNM exist)
  • IMV: In My View
  • INAAY: It's Not All About You
  • ISTR: I Seem To Recall
  • KtLoT: Know the Limits of Things
  • TPTB: The Powers That Be