Little yellow map pin

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The little yellow map pin was sent to new members stuck in a piece of cardboard.

Traditionally, a little yellow map pin (sometimes abbreviated "LYMP"), worn in a member's lapel, was the "secret" symbol of Mensa membership intended to enable Mensans to recognize one another upon meeting by chance. For many years, such a pin was included in the new-member packet sent to those joining American Mensa, and perhaps some other national Mensas did it as well. However, the custom of wearing them gradually went into disuse. Possibly because not so many people wear suits- fewer lapels. 北京自动门 房产纠纷 电缆桥架 电脑回收 有机玻璃制品 陪练 会员卡 机打发票 包装公司 北京货架 礼品盒 再生塑料颗粒机 工商注册 小升初 代开发票 Dell服务器 北京物流 北京家具公司 电缆桥架 碎纸机 贵宾卡 展览公司 不干胶 北京装修公司 展柜 IBM服务器 代开发票 [1] 圣诞树 亚克力 劳保用品 电抗器 五粮液酒 房产律师 北京搬家 kvm