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Ken Chadwick is a member of British Mensa.

He lives in Chorley where he works as a Pest Controller

Educated at Leigh Boys’ Grammar School and Liverpool University where he gained a B.A.(Hons) in Economic History before joining Rentokil where he spent some years as Area Manager Medical Services Division.

Formerly a keen squash player and erstwhile member of Chorley Harriers he has completed several marathons but now leads a more sedentary existence, preferring his local pub domino team, but can still be seen on occasions plodding the streets of Chorley in running gear!

Divorced with no children, Ken spends his leisure time sea fishing, metal detecting and keeping marine fish & inverts.

Ken is not active within the administration of British Mensa in any way other than as a voting member but is a keen and regular contributor to the Unoff List, an unofficial email forum for Mensans.

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