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Judy Dosse is an American Mensan who has been politically controversial within Mensa. From 1989 to 1991, she served as a Regional Vice Chairman (region 7), which made her a member of the American Mensa Committee. There she got into some political clashes. At one point, a motion to censure her was considered by the AMC. After leaving office, she was brought up on a variety of charges before the National Hearings Committee. In all, 13 charges were made by complainants Ralph Rudolph, Darlene Criss, Dave Remine, and T.J. Lundeen. Ultimately, rather than defend herself after a grueling day of having charges presented to her, she gave in and signed a settlement agreement where she "pled guilty" to some of the charges and agreed to be permanently barred from holding national Mensa office.[1] She remains the only American Mensan who is permanently not a "member in good standing" as a result of this sanction. She continues to be active in Mensa, and is a regular participant on some of the unofficial Internet forums.

Notes and references

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