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[[Category:American Mensans|Dosse, Judy]]
[[Category:American Mensans|Dosse, Judy]]
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[[Category:Hearing defendants|Dosse, Judy]]
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Judy Dosse is an American Mensan who has been politically controversial within Mensa. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she served as a Regional Vice Chairman, which made her a member of the American Mensa Committee. There she got into some political clashes. At one point, a motion to censure her was considered by the AMC. After leaving office, she was brought up on a variety of charges by the National Hearings Committee. Ultimately, rather than defend herself after a grueling day of having charges presented to her, she gave in and signed a settlement agreement where she "pled guilty" to some of the charges and agreed to be permanently barred from holding national Mensa office.[1] She remains the only American Mensan who is permanently not a "member in good standing" as a result of this sanction. She continues to be active in Mensa, and is a regular participant on some of the unofficial Internet forums.

Notes and references

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