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Irish Mensa is an administrative part (perhaps not quite a normal region) of British Mensa, and covers both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (a province of the United Kingdom). As such it is unusual in covering more than one country.

Irish Mensa was formed prior to the formation of regions within BM, and is therefore constituted, administered and run differently to the regions. (The detail of this section, on how IM is different to a region, needs expanding. If you know the story, please add it.) Sometimes the BMC of the day hasn't been fully sensitive to this difference, and over the years there have often been discussions between the IMC and the BMC over the degree and terms of autonomy accorded Irish Mensa.

Some British Mensa directors have approached this with the view that Irish Mensa is welcome to remain as a part of British Mensa as a normal region, or would be given all friendship and assistance if it decided it wished to become a separate National Mensa, but that they shouldn't try to cherry-pick between aspects of the two.

Irish Mensa Committee

Irish Mensa governs its internal affairs by means of an elected Irish Mensa Committee, four of whom retire by rotation in May 2008.[1]


The Chairman of the IMC, is currently Maureen Guthrie

Past chairmen:


The elected President of Irish Mensa is Judy Hewitt, whose term ends in May 2008[2].


The newsletter of Irish Mensa is titled Impress (Irish Mensa press), and is edited by an elected Regional Editor.

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