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Irish Mensa is an administrative region of British Mensa, and covers both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (a province of the United Kingdom). As such it is unusual in covering more than one country.

Irish Mensa Committee

Irish Mensa governs its internal affairs by means of an elected Irish Mensa Committee.

There has regularly been disagreement between the IMC and the BMC over the degree and terms of autonomy accorded Irish Mensa. Generally the BMC position seems to have been that Irish Mensa is welcome to remain as a Region of British Mensa, or would be given all friendship and assistance if it decided it wished to become a separate National Mensa. The IMC position seems less clear with it sometimes appearing to want to be seen as separate and to have more of members' subscription monies than other regions get, while still continuing to have the benefits of being part of the larger group including British Mensa's Mensa Magazine. However, this position seems to vary over the years as the makeup of the committee changes. Currently the group is simply a Region of BM but is said by some members to have built up some additional financial reserves from a time when they succeeded in getting special treatment.


The Chairman of the IMC, currently Maureen Guthrie, acts as the Regional Officer.

Past chairmen:

  • Geoff Owens
  • Judy Hewitt


The regional newsletter is titled Impress (Irish Mensa press).

Honourary President

Judy Hewitt is the Honourary President of Irish Mensa.