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Irish Mensa is an administrative Part of British Mensa, and covers both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (a province of the United Kingdom). As such it is unusual in covering more than one country.

Irish Mensa Committee

Irish Mensa governs its internal affairs by means of an elected Irish Mensa Committee.

There has regularly been discussions between the IMC and the BMC over the degree and terms of autonomy accorded Irish Mensa. Generally the BMC position seems to have been that Irish Mensa is welcome to remain as a part of British Mensa, (Irish Mensa was formed prior to the formation of regions within BM, and is therefore constituted, administered and run differently to the 'regions' of BM), or would be given all friendship and assistance if it decided it wished to become a separate National Mensa (***This has NEVER be any part of any discussions between BMC and IMC, at least not in the past 15 years***).( ***Message to Andy Farrell your stating that the position of british mensa "seems to be" is quite clearly not based on any fact whatsoever but your own personal supposition***) The IMC position seems less clear with it sometimes appearing to want to be seen as separate and to have more of members' subscription monies than regions get (*** again this is only personal supposition ***) , while still continuing to have the benefits of being part of the larger group including British Mensa's Mensa Magazine. However, this position seems to vary over the years as the makeup of the committee changes (***Although not according to the Irish Mensa Committee, and I can state that as fact having studied the IMC minutes covering some 20 odd years***). Currently the group is a reconised INTEGRAL PART of BM (according to AND AGREED by both IMC and BMC) but is said by some members to have built up some additional financial reserves (***again to Andy this appears to be personal supposition, AS a Director of Irish MENSA I can refute this as untrue and therefore by you stating it on a website puruorting to be factual is a mistake, I'll leave you to correct this***) (***I have known you Andy for some years now,I have always thought of you as an honest and dilligent worker who would be precise in your facts so I am somewhat surprised that you would insist on publishing untruths on this website, I only edited them out to save you face, i know as well as you that to publish factual innacuracies is difficult to avoid but to then republish them when you know them to be wrong is astounding to say the least but I'm sure you have the fortitude and honesty to re-edit to reflect the actual facts***)(*** oh and apologies for having to write this on the actual site but I couldn't seem to reply to your message***) (*** one other thing I've just noticed you have left my name out of the list of past directors of BM, was that another error or a deliberate omision? ***)


The Chairman of the IMC, is currently Maureen Guthrie

Past chairmen:

  • Geoff Owens
  • Clare O'Beara
  • Cyndy Cotton
  • Judy Hewitt


The newsletter of Irish Mensa is titled Impress (Irish Mensa press).


Judy Hewitt is the elected President of Irish Mensa.