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Issue of InterLoc from 1992

InterLoc was the internal publication of American Mensa, focusing on the internal workings and politics of Mensa rather than the broader and more general-interest subject matter of the Mensa Bulletin, which generally stays away from internal politics except for things mandated to be included such as election information. For most of its history, InterLoc had a brown cover. Content varied depending on the editors, with some taking a strict "house organ" style while others were more willing to include "dissident" views. At times there was alleged to be attempted or successful interference by Mensa politicians over what the editors could publish. Formerly, it included complete AMC minutes, but this was considered unnecessary in more recent times due to their availability on the Web.

InterLoc began in 1967, deriving its name from intercommunication among local groups. In 2008, it was merged into the Mensa Bulletin, where it was issued as a section in alternate issues, continuing to have a separate editor and editorial policy from the Bulletin proper. However, this move proved short-lived, as in 2010 it was discontinued altogether, in favor of the purely electronic InterLink, which was itself eventually discontinued in favor of even fluffier, house-organier e-publications like Mensa Leader, Mensa Wired, and Brainwave, emerging from the national office rather than as the effort of actual Mensans.