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Gareth Jones works with computers and chickens (co developer of WinHen 98 & WinHen EggsP - an online egg-cracking application), and lives a normal respectable family life (that's what it says here!) on the paradise island of Anglesey in North Wales. Within Mensa he edits the regional newsletter for Wales, Bwrdd and has been the temporary Editor since the February 2000 issue - a remarkable achievement for someone who can't read.

He has recently become Regional Officer for Wales by dint of being slowest to step backward. this is the second time he has held the post, the first being 1998 - 1999.

He became the Bishop of Anglesey by winning the now defunct Welsh TV Quiz Show Helo Duw (Hello God) in 1997 by eliminating the Rev. Iestyn Pib-Whimble of St Iolo's church, Llanvestanpants in the quick-fire Communion Wafer eating contest. Gareth organised the highly successful 1999 Caernarfon Weekend, the first Mensa weekend held in Wales since the last one. The weekend achieved a remarkable 'first' for Mensa in that it was the first weekend that wasn't held anywhere near where it was supposed to be. It was actually held some 12 miles away from Caernarfon in Beaumaris, Anglesey. The confusion arose because both places have rather nice castles.

Gareth is well known for his fine sense of humour.

You'd need one if you were him.