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Between 30th July and 3rd August 2008 the first European Mensas Annual Gathering under the patronage of Mensa International and the Lord Major of Cologne Fritz Schramma will take place in Cologne. It is a pilot project, which is held this year in Germany and thereafter in annually changing European countries. The aim is, in continuation of all successful annual gatherings in National Mensas, to establish a cross border network for people within the upper two percent of the general population on an intelligence test. By doing so, highly intelligent people of various countries will present key aspects of their activities to other Mensans and guests. The spectrum will be manifold, consisting of scientific or applied research, artistic and Mensa specific themes.

EMAG stands for European Mensas Annual Gathering. Read it backwards and it's GAME, meaning not only ‘to play’ but also ‘to join in’, ‘be part of it’ and ‘be ready for it’, making out of the EMAG name a theme. The main event of the EMAG, which should enable a European network, is the “Forum Mensanum”. The organizing team of Cologne will supply the operational framework plus some local sightseeing and ‘entertainment’. During three days Mensans from all over Europe will offer on parallel tracks “Intelligent Entertainment”, in the form of (mainly in Englisch) lectures, presentatations or workshops. There will be also a local social programme and at the end of the European Mensa-Meeting a Dinner dance in the typical Cologne style, inspired by the “Fifth Season of Cologne”, the traditional Karneval (Carnival).

The idea began at the 2006 Mensa's Diamond event in Nottingham, England, where contributors included Christine Warlies, Maya Zimmermann and Heike Hefner of Germany, Hennie Groot Lipman of Netherlands, and Andy Farrell of Britain. The project started in August 2007 managed by Christine Warlies (member of german board) and Haug Leuschner (LocSec of Cologne) who is responsible for the local organizing team in cologne.

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